Welcome to Tok Tokkie Trails Namibia!
Tok Tokkie Trails takes you close to the desert’s stunning beauty. Is there a better way to immerse in nature than on foot? Whilst walking, you will discover many secrets of the Namib that cannot be experienced when driving and you will get to feel different aspects of the desert – from mountainous terrain to sandy dunes.

Fog-basking Tok Tokkie beetles, barking geckos, dancing spiders, bat-eared foxes, and many more - the desert is not deserted at all. Let your guide introduce you to this desert world, relax with a sundowner and enjoy a three-course dinner before falling asleep under the stars... read more
  Hiking with style
Enjoy a wholesome three-course dinner and unwind before falling asleep in the open under a blanket of stars.
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  The desert is alive!
In addition to the fantastic scenery and unfenced wildlife, the desert holds big and small wonders of adaptation.
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  A hiker's paradise
Follow our well experienced nature guides to the most scenic hiking spots in Namibia.
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Travel Africa - Bug Game Hunting by Steve and Ann Toon
“Dancing spiders and tok tokkie beetles and goggle-eyed chameleons – Namibia’s arid landscapes come to life when Steve & Ann Toon follow in the tracks of some spellbinding secret wildlife...” read more
  Press: Life is grand at the NamibRand by Stephen Cunliffe
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[...] There is no better way to get up close and personal with the Namib than on a Tok Tokkie Trail, as it takes you to the proverbial coal face to experience the stark natural beauty of the desert. read more
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