News & Press l News 01.05.2009
Surprising visitor on Labour Day
A striped polecat visited the Tok Tokkie base at Die Duine farmhouse on labour day. These funny creatures are dreaded for the foul-smelling liquid which it sprays at its opponent if frightened.
But this one behaved very well. Striped polecats are nocturnal creatures which eat insects and other small animals and are thus are quite useful. They live basically everywhere in southern Africa conquering all habitats. We could therefore have invited it for a longer stay, but just as the porcupine, which visited the house not long ago, it can happen to be a rather unpleasant company. A wrong word or movement can wrap you in an odour that will make you bad company for weeks. So, after a quick hello and a short inspection of the house the surprising visitor was complimented out of the house and wished farewell.
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