News & Press l News 01.08.2009
New Management Couple at Tok Tokkie Trails
Ralph and Nadine Zipfel, both 37 years young, have made it their task to ensure that operations run smoothly at Tok Tokkie Trails.
Whereas reservations and general management are handled from Windhoek, Ralf and Nadine will be the onsite heart of Tok Tokkie Trails. Nadine looks after our guests and supervises the daily routine while Ralph is responsible for maintenance. When asked, why they like Tok Tokkie Trails, they answered: “... because the landscape is overwhelming and Tok Tokkie Trails offers such a close nature experience. We both like walking and hiking and meeting people. Tok Tokkie Trails offers a special kind of tourism where you get close to nature and people. That’s very special. We love being in this beautiful environment, it is a different kind of beautiful, in the middle of the desert but not in the middle of nowhere, as we have people coming from all sides of the globe to experience the nature that we have here. Our guests enjoy the outdoors and nature and are so enthusiastic to learn about the desert life in detail.”
Ralph and Nadine have two children, Enya 4 and Timo 2. Timo has already decided that he will be a guide one day as he manages to catch tok tokkies without harming them.
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