News & Press l News 01.11.2010
In Memoriam Marc Duerr
Marc Duerr founded Tok Tokkie Trails in 1997. He was very well known and popular in the tourism industry and in the field of nature conservation in Namibia. His untimely death in November 2010 was a great loss and left a gap that will be difficult to fill.
Marc had an enormous knowledge of the Namib and Namibian nature in general. He had the gift of being able to share his knowledge in a way that roused and sustained people’s interest. For Tok Tokkie Trails this meant that already back in 1997, when “sustainable tourism” was not a familiar dictum yet, he founded a tourism operation that did not require permanent structures and that left nothing but footprints in a pristine landscape. Marc had the idea that there was more to be seen in Namibia than the big five. “Getting up close and personal with the Namib”, a Tok Tokkie Trails slogan from the very beginning, describes accurately what Marc set out for: To let his guests experience the surreal beauty of the desert and the fact that the desert holds incredible wonders of adaptation that cannot be experienced whiste driving.
His employees at Tok Tokkie Trails, not only esteemed his incredible knowledge, which he also passed on to them, but also his way of bringing alive his vision and respect for every living creature.
We pay tribute to Marc, who always held tight-knit ties to Tok Tokkie Trails and was always there with advice and shared knowledge.
We, the Tok Tokkie Trails team, shall miss his constructive comments and input and will always hold his memory high.
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