News & Press l News 01.18.2010
Japanese Film Team at Tok Tokkie Trails
A film team from Nippon Television Network Corporation visited Tok Tokkie Trails mid of December 2010. The Japanese film crew was filming for an animal show which is broadcasted weekly in Japan. The highly popular show called “Sekai no Hate Made Itte Q!” which can be translated as "Travel to the ends of the Earth”, attracts about 100 million viewers every week.
The show lures a very broad audience to the TV every week. From old to young, whole families in Japan want to follow the main character of the show, a girl named Imoto Avako, on her trips out into the world to discover the fascinating cultures and animals of the earth.
At Tok Tokkie Trails at NamibRand Nature Reserve Imoto discovers the amazing inhabitants of the Namib. The animals in the Namib have found fantastic strategies for adapting to their life in the desert, where water is a scarce treasure and temperatures can be quite variable. Among the survival specialists filmed are the Grant’s Golden Mole, the very rare Brain’s Blind Legless Skink, the White Lady spider, different species of Tok Tokkies (Tenebrionid beetles) and Koch’s Barking Gecko, just to name a few.
Imoto, the heroine of the show, who has really big eyebrows and busted teeth, also spent her night out in the desert and experienced this unique feeling of endless calm surrounded by a pristine landscape. There are a Nintendo game, a comic, and many merchandising items available in Japan featuring Imoto’s adventure’s at the “ends of the Earth”. Maybe a Tok Tokkie from Namibia will soon also appear amongst them.
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