News & Press l News 20.03.2009
Tok Tokkie Trails and NEWS - Namibian Environment and Wildlife Society
Tok Tokkie Trails has been supporting NADEET (Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust) for many years. Now, with Tok Tokkie Trails’ managing company, Unlimited Travel & Car Hire, joining NEWS Tok Tokkie Trails has broadened its support of environmental organisations in Namibia.
NEWS’ aim is to bring environmental issues and their importance to a broad public, to prevent environmental degradation and to promote sustainability. To achieve this, NEWS focuses on monitoring issues that could entail negative impacts on the environment or wildlife and on bringing about positive action. Namibia is a vast country with a low population density and lots of unspoilt nature. However, Namibia’s population is growing quickly and unemployment rate is at an estimated 30 - 40 %. This situation brings a lot of pressure for the Namibian eco-systems, as development is still often in opposition to the environment. Consequently, making sustainability the core criterion for development activities is an important issue. Tok Tokkie Trails operates on NamibRand Nature Reserve, an eco-system which had been heavily damaged by livestock farming before it has been turned into a private nature reserve in 1984. Now, sustainable use is made of this fascinating area, combining economy and environment. Tok Tokkie Trails is therefore very happy to support NEWS - to the benefit of Namibia, the Namibians and the visitors to our wonderful country - “... because we all need a healthy environment”.
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