News & Press l News 24.04.2009
Tok Tokkie Trails joins improved rubbish and recycling system
Three close neighbours on NamibRand Nature Reserve, NADEET, Family Hideout and Tok Tokkie Trails have signed a rubbish and recycling policy which uses and supports the recycling initiatives evolving in Namibia. At the same time it bundles and improves the efforts of the three neighbours to keep the delicate desert ecosystem clean.
Recently, recycling initiatives have been sprouting in Namibia. But these initiatives still face the problem that not enough “rubbish” can be procured. In Namibia, with its vast dimensions and low density of population, recycling involves quite a logistical effort. In Windhoek, several containers have been placed all over the city where environmentally conscious citizens can drop their recyclables. However, what do you do if you are situated 500 km or even further away from Windhoek? You usually don’t go to town every week to drop your garbage and there are no rubbish collection trucks outside of cities. Especially the tourism industry with its often remote establishments faces this problem. However, under the expert leadership of NADEET (Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust) we have established a common system that takes recyclable and non-recyclable material back to Windhoek regularly without causing additional CO2 pollution by trucks. With the kind support from our partners, African Marketing and the Wolwedans Collection, we can make use of the existing supply network. In addition to that, onsite composting ensures that valuable fresh soil is produced for local herb production. Even some earthworms have been relocated from Windhoek to the desert to help with decomposing.
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