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26.11.2013 BlackdotsWhitespots, Travel Blog - Durch die Wüste unter die Sterne – auf dem Tok Tokkie Trail durch die Namib
„Im Dunkeln stapfe ich durch den Busch und in die Dünen, meine Stirnlampe erhellt nur einen ganz kleinen Teil der riesigen weiten Landschaft, die mich umgibt.“ read more
26.11.2013 Getaway Magazine - 7 things I learnt in Namibia
“Sleeping under the stars is the best..." read more
05.11.2013 Whudat, Lifestyle Blog - Whudat in Namibia, Luxus der Weite
„Jedes Mal wenn es für WHUDAT auf Reisen geht, gleicht es einem Film. Mit dem Einstieg in den Flieger drückt man die Play-Taste und das Abenteuer beginnt. read more
31.10.2013 Travel Africa - Bug Game Hunting
“Dancing spiders and tok tokkie beetles and goggle-eyed chameleons – Namibia’s arid landscapes come to life when Steve & Ann Toon follow in the tracks of some spellbinding secret wildlife...” read more
28.10.2013 Africa Geographic Magazine - This is the Namib! This is real Africa!
“Everywhere you look there is nothing. Then a lone Oryx crosses a dune in the distance and disappears again into the vast land of grass tufts, red dunes and fairy circles that fade gently into the sky that shines a deep blue over the orange hue of the NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia.” read more
15.02.2012 15 Years Tok Tokkie Trails - Win a Tok Tokkie Trail!
“In the midst of the complexities of modern life, with all its pressures, the spirit of man needs to refresh itself by communion with unspoiled nature. In such surroundings- occasional as our visits may be- we can achieve that kind of physical and spiritual renewal that comes alone from the wonder of the natural world.” - Laurance S. Rockefeller.
This quote expresses very well what Tok Tokkie Trails has been offering since it has been founded 15 years ago. read more
10.02.2012 Life is grand at the NamibRand, by Stephen Cunliffe, Explore South Africa
[...] There is no better way to get up close and personal with the Namib than on a Tok Tokkie Trail, as it takes you to the proverbial coal face to experience the stark natural beauty of the desert. read more
08.09.2011 Author of German Bestseller "Hummeldumm" in Windhoek on 26 September 11 - Win a Tok Tokkie Trail!
In German speaking countries almost everybody has at least heard of “Hummeldumm”. The book has been on the bestseller lists in Germany for about 1.5 years now. read more
08.02.2011 Desert Lilies in Full Bloom
NamibRand Nature Reserve has already received exceptional rains this year. On average, more than 150 mm of rain have already fallen on the reserve during the rainy season 2010/2011. The normal average for the whole year is about 80mm only! read more
29.04.2011 Tok Tokkie Trails part of Carbon Footprint Research
In February and March 2011 Tok Tokkie Trails took part in research project on “Nature-based Tourism and Climate Change - Carbon footprint assessment and carbon management options – The case of Namibia” carried out by Prof. Dr. Strasdas of Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development in Germany. read more
08.02.2011 Desert Lilies in Full Bloom
NamibRand Nature Reserve has already received exceptional rains this year. On average, more than 150 mm of rain have already fallen on the reserve during the rainy season 2010/2011. The normal average for the whole year is about 80mm only! read more
01.18.2010 Japanese Film Team at Tok Tokkie Trails
A film team from Nippon Television Network Corporation visited Tok Tokkie Trails mid of December 2010. The Japanese film crew was filming for an animal show which is broadcasted weekly in Japan. The highly popular show called “Sekai no Hate Made Itte Q!” which can be translated as "Travel to the ends of the Earth”, attracts about 100 million viewers every week. read more
01.11.2010 In Memoriam Marc Duerr
Marc Duerr founded Tok Tokkie Trails in 1997. He was very well known and popular in the tourism industry and in the field of nature conservation in Namibia. His untimely death in November 2010 was a great loss and left a gap that will be difficult to fill. read more
01.09.2010 Soul-awakening desert hiking by Marita van Rooyen
“There is nothing like walking to get the feel of a country. A fine landscape is like a piece of music; it must be taken at the right tempo. Even a bicycle goes too fast.” Paul Scott Mowrer
Apart from giving you a real feel of the landscape, walking is the best kind of meditation. And what better way to relax your mind than to go hiking? Not the hardcore, passout- from-exhaustion kind, but more the kind of hiking that Tok Tokkie Trails offers. read more
18.07.2010 Tok Tokkie Trails in German Bestseller: “Hummeldumm”
We do not know how clever or stupid bumble-bees actually are but “Hummeldumm” is the title of a humorous fiction novel written by Tommy Jaud, which has been leading German bestseller lists since its publication in February this year. read more
15.06.2010 Reducing Plastic Waste at Tok Tokkie Trails
“The amount of plastic which we have produced since the dawn of the plastic age is enough to wrap the whole earth six times in plastic foil” (from “Plastic Planet”)
At Tok Tokkie Trails we strive to keep our footprint on the environment as small as possible. read more
08.04.2010 Photographic Tok Tokkie Trail on NamibRand Nature Reserve
We all know that there’s more to great photos than pointing and shooting. Sunsets look great but what do you have to consider if you wish to capture them in a picture? F-stop, ISO, burst, aperture and shutter speed – what’s that all for? Why is it more difficult to take pictures of black than of white faces? The participants of the photographic Tok Tokkie Trail which Scott Hurd led from 20 – 22 March 2010 certainly know the answers now.
read more
10.08.2009 Stunning Night Views at NamibRand Nature Reserve
When the sun sets over the NamibRand Nature Reserve Tok Tokkie guests can observe a spectacular change of colours and atmosphere. The evolving night sky gives visitors no time for taking a break from admiring the beauty of the desert. read more
01.08.2009 New Management Couple at Tok Tokkie Trails
Ralph and Nadine Zipfel, both 37 years young, have made it their task to ensure that operations run smoothly at Tok Tokkie Trails. read more
10.07.2009 Cheetah and Leopard Re-Introduction Programmes on NamibRand Nature Reserve
Two re-introduction programmes for cheetahs and leopards have been implemented on NamibRand Nature Reserve in partnership with the Cheetah Conservation Fund and the N/a'an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary.
read more
08.07.2009 New weather station at NaDEET Online - on spot weather details for the Tok Tokkie base
Management of NamibRand Nature Reserve has installed a new automated weather station at the Tok Tokkie base. read more
01.06.2006 Special Rates for Namibians for the Tok Tokkie Trail
Tok Tokkie Trails is now available for Namibians at a discounted rate.
read more
02.05.2009 Tok Tokkie Trails Namibia has been rated among the five best walking safaris by The Independent
Tok Tokkie Trails strives to give our guests a great and unforgettable time while closely experiencing one of the most scenic landscapes in Namibia, the NamibRand Nature Reserve. Now, The Independent, one of the major newspapers in the UK, says that Tok Tokkie Trails is one of the five best walking safaris... read more
01.05.2009 Surprising visitor on Labour Day - 01 May 2009
A striped polecat visited the Tok Tokkie base at Die Duine farmhouse on labour day. These funny creatures are dreaded for the foul-smelling liquid which it sprays at its opponent if frightened. read more
24.04.2009 Tok Tokkie Trails joins improved rubbish and recycling system
Three close neighbours on NamibRand Nature Reserve, NADEET, Family Hideout and Tok Tokkie Trails have signed a rubbish and recycling policy which uses and supports the recycling initiatives evolving in Namibia. At the same time it bundles and improves the efforts of the three neighbours to keep the delicate desert ecosystem clean. read more
20.03.2009 Tok Tokkie Trails and NEWS - Namibia Environment & Wildlife Society
Tok Tokkie Trails has been supporting NADEET (Namibia Environmental Education Trust) for many years. Now, with Tok Tokkie Trails’ managing company, Unlimited Travel & Car Hire, joining NEWS Tok Tokkie Trails has broadened its support of environmental organisations in Namibia.
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15.02.2009 Tok Tokkie Trails among the world’s best wilderness escapes, says The Times
Tok Tokkie Trails is operated on the private NamibRand Nature Reserve, a 170.000 hectare protected area where wildlife can roam free again. As only a handful of low-impact tourism concessions have been granted on this vast reserve, with Tok Tokkie Trails you walk in an area which is not only remote but literally deserted. read more
07.01.2009 On the top of Namib Rand Nature Reserve - Chowagas Mountains
The Chowagas is the highest mountain on NamibRand Nature Reserve. With its roughly 2000 metres it also counts among the highest mountains in Namibia. For comparison, the highest peak in Namibia, the Koenigstein Summit in the Brandberg Massif, is 2573 metres high. Rene Korol, one of the experienced hiking and trekking guides who lead the Tok Tokkie Trail, and his friend Nico Mack climbed this beautiful peak in January.
read more
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