News & Press l Press 10.08.2009
Stunning Night Views at NamibRand Nature Reserve
When the sun sets over the NamibRand Nature Reserve Tok Tokkie guests can observe a spectacular change of colours and atmosphere. The evolving night sky gives visitors no time for taking a break from admiring the beauty of the desert.
After a day of gentle walking in the desert, sitting out in the dunes with a sun downer in the fading light and watching the stars appear at the blue-lilac sky, slowly forming a starry dome, is the perfect finale for the day. As in the Tok Tokkie camps out in the dunes there is no light pollution whatsoever - not even the lights from a lodge – and as there are rarely clouds in the sky, the look into the eternity of space is unhampered. Just be careful, spending a night out under the stunning southern desert sky might prevent you from sleeping. The sky keeps changing during the night and often more than one shooting star can be observed.
This sky attracted Bernd Proschold, a night sky photographer from Germany, who visited NamibRand Nature Reserve to photograph our starry skies. His work forms part of The World at Night (TWAN). According to the official TWAN website this special program, sponsored by UNESCO and the International Astronomical Union (IAU), seeks “to create and exhibit a collection of stunning photographs and time-lapse videos of the world’s most beautiful and historic sites against a nighttime backdrop of stars, planets and celestial events. TWAN is a bridge between art, humanity, and science. The eternally peaceful sky looks the same above all the landmarks and symbols of different nations and regions, attesting to the truly unified nature of Earth as a planet rather than an amalgam of human-designated territories.”
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